7 tips for choosing the best design & build experts

Having a qualified and experienced builder on board is necessary for any construction project. With design & build experts, apart from construction, you also get the design service, thus making it quite a cost-effective solution. The builder you hire should specify what their services entail and whether the cost is included in the quote. Here’s how you can choose the best builders for your design and build project.

A new build home
A new build

Tips for choosing the best builders for your design and build project

For any homeowner, a new build is the type of investment that requires diligent planning. One way to ensure that your project goes as planned is by hiring a reputable and professional builder. Opting for design and build services from one contractor can significantly reduce the overall project cost. Here are some of the things you should consider when choosing the right builder for your project.

  • Level of experience and skill
  • Recommendations from friends
  • Any previously handled projects similar to yours
  • Your builders’ accreditations
  • Reviews from previous clients
  • Their project portfolio
  • Check out any ongoing projects

1. Level of skill and experience

The more a builder has been active in the construction industry, the more they acquire skills and excellent experience levels. This also means they’ll be up to date with any upcoming trends or building regulation requirements that may be applicable for your new build.

You also need to establish whether the builder is a design and build expert or if they do construction only. With an experienced builder, you’ll be assured that your project is in good hands.

2. Recommendations from friends

Your friends are more likely to give you an honest view of how a certain builder works especially if they’ve had a first-hand experience with their work. Also, if your neighbours homes impress you, you can always seek recommendations from them since you’ll also have an idea of what the builder can deliver.

3. Any previously handled projects similar to yours

Checking out any projects that your builder has handled that are similar to yours will give you a glimpse of what to expect. It will also help you gauge your builder’s level of skill and whether it would be ideal for your project. You should hire a reputable builder that’s experienced to handle the project.

4. Your builder’s accreditations and licenses

One way to know that you’re dealing with a professional that you can trust to handle your project is by checking their accreditations and licenses. If a builder is registered with a trade body, it should serve as an indication that you’re dealing with a reliable contractor.

This is considering most trade bodies have a strict code of operation that’s to be adhered to by all members. An ideal example is the FMB(Federation of Master Builders).

5. Reviews from previous clients

One way to know how your builder treats their clients or how they work is by checking out reviews from previous clients. This can be done online by checking out the builder’s website or requesting to speak with some of their previous customers.

6. The builder’s project portfolio

Any builder that has been in the industry for a while should have several projects to show. A quick view of the project portfolio will help you establish your builder’s area of specialty and their level of skill in that area.

7. Check out any ongoing projects

A visit to the site where they have any ongoing project is one way to get first-hand experience on how the builder handles his projects and how they treat the rest of the team members.

When deciding whether a design and build contractor is suited for your project, it’s advisable to evaluate the design and construction aspects separately. This is because one might not be as good as the other or in line with your taste. Hiring a qualified design and build expert will also help you minimise any errors due to misinterpretation of the design plans. With the above tips, it will be easier to make a decision on the best fit for your project.

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